MAXXCRETE™ is an Extended Joint Concrete Floor System. It is designed for commercial and industrial slabs on ground and offers many benefits to owners, developers, and design/build general contractors. It is superior to other types of slabs noted in American Concrete Institute (ACI) Design Guides and other extended joint floor types.

Lloyd Concrete offers the MAXXCRETE™ concrete pouring service as an exclusive service to our clients. The MAXXCRETE™ service by Lloyd Concrete specializes in concrete pouring and forming for buildings and other commercial or public concrete structures.


Along with the many benefits, the MAXXCRETE™ Extended Joint Floor System also has a 1 year conditional warranty and up to a 10 year warranty is available. A floor slab is the main source of liability and maintenance issues in any construction project. MAXXCRETE™ offers:

• Up to 70% reduction in joints over the typical floor slab
• Amount of curling is significanlty reduced if not eliminated altogether
• MAXXCRETE™ system remains in contact with the base
• Little if any cracking outside of the joints
• Design and construction liability is mitigated
• 1 year conditional warranty and 10 year warranty available that covers things above and beyond those in a normal warranty
• Flatness and levelness of the floor remain constant if not improve over time
• More economical than any other reduced joint floor

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